august and everything after


Time for another update from your pals, Shana, Tim, Tommy and Jarett (or Warett as we’ve been calling him.)


Yes yes yes. We are excited. This Saturday, Shana & Tim will begin laying down the beginning tracks for a new EP. Our friend Jeremy Landis is engineering and co-producing. The track list is Pressed In; Back to You; The Bottom Line; All The Things I Couldn’t Say & So Much I. More details to come….


Here are some photos from our shows from this summer.


Come see us Wednesday August 26th at Arlene’s Grocery ( It’s been a year since we played this East Village rock spot. (Heather, our merch gal, is telling me to write “scene”. She thinks “rock spot” is lame. I think she is tired and getting married in 3 weeks.)

We need to go get ice cream.




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june bug


It’s been raining nonstop in NY. This isn’t good for a big-haired girl like me. Just gets bigger with the humidity. I need a hood. Anyhoo, here’s what’s up with Cassidy:

Shows, Shows, Shows:

We’ve played lots and lots this month. It feels great to share our new music with you. There’s an electricity I haven’t felt for awhile onstage. We’ve been doing our new material but also some fun covers-For Me This is Heaven (Jimmy Eat World) & Viva La Vida (Coldplay).

Please come out to our show at the Community Coffeehouse in Danbury, CT. Chris Barrett and crew love to support independent music. We’re opening for Es3.

Battle of the Bands:

Thanks to all who voted for us in the Battle of the Bands. We know a lot of you were even voting with multiple email addresses. Cassidy made it to the last round but it wasn’t our time this year. Congratulations to Tall Tree and the other winners!

Up Next:

We’re recording this summer. Keep checking in with our sites to see photos, video and other shenanigans.

You can always find us at &

-Shana, Tim, Tom & Jarett

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i should blog more but….

Whenever I talk to my hub Sean it’s usually something like “Babe I need to tell you some stuff. Ok. A. blah, B. blah blah. C. bleh.” I like bullet points. A lot. So…

A. New shows in the TOUR section. June will be a busy month for us.

B. Support Cassidy by voting for us in the Hear It First Battle of the Bands.Click on the box below to get more info.

C. And last but not least you can hear some of our NEW LIVE music at

Till next year,

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Show you know.

Hey friends,

Cassidy is playing at The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale tomorrow night (Saturday March 14th) at about 7pm.

We are part of a benefit concert and on the bill with Jacob Vanags (piano phenom-he is on a 6pm and I HIGHLY recommend coming early to see him!) & Gone for Tomorrow.

All proceeds from the $10 door cover go to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our dear friend Jenn Rosenthal is going to do a triathlon for the organization in June and is flying in all the way from Colorado to put on this fundraiser.

It’s an early show so why not come, bring a friend, watch great live music AND give a little money to fight cancer.

oh and if you need dinner they have REALLY GOOD food. 😉

Thanks for your support,

Shana, Tim, Tom & Jarett

Here’s the info again:

Saturday March 14th
The Nutty Irishman
323 Main Street
Farmindale, NY
Doors open at 5:30.
We go on at about 7pm.
Cover $10


As a side note we have spent the last few nights mixing our show at CP Unplugged from last week. Our friend Chris Wrigley recorded us and I have to say it sounds awesome. We will be posting all the new songs as well as some new video within the next few weeks.


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Live show at Unplugged

What: Cassidy at Unplugged

When: March 8th, 2009

Where: CenterPoint Church/2658 Corner Lane, Bellmore, NY

Time: 8:30pm

How much: FREE!

Why: Because we wrote some new songs and they are awesome and you should hear them

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we played in a closet

not really but it felt like it.

our show at Pete’s was amusing on many levels. we played for between 8 and 13 people. the venue was literally the size of a subway car (see new photos). i couldn’t really turn to face the guys without knocking over the mic. i dug the atmosphere at Pete’s and if i lived in Williamsburg, would go there all the time. thanks to heather, meri, alison and the others for showing us love.

up next-a show in Long Island with our friends Arbor Lights and a possible trip to Nashville in November. we haven’t done a roadtrip in a LONG time so that should be a blast.

see you then,


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show show show. we have a show.

Come one come all.

Thursday September 11th, 2008


Pete’s Candy Store

709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, NY


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